Lower the bucket of the machine to the floor. Connect the steering frame lock link. Activate the parking brake. Release the pressure in the hydraulic system as follows: a. Move the lift control lever to the "Float" position.

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Made for demanding work. Variable Capacity Torque Converter The variable capacity torque converter allows operators to vary rimpull based on operating conditions. Axel-shaft, Oil-disc brakes Axel-shaft, oil disc brakes are fully hydraulic, completely sealed and never need adjustment. Planetary, Electronic, Power-shift Transmission Electronic shifting provides smooth consistent shifts with fingertip controls housed in the STIC controller.

Drive Shaft and U-joints Drive shaft and U-joints are capable of carrying 15, ft-lbs peak torque. Axles Axles have high capacity bevel gear sets and differentials use a new gear cutting process for increased strength. Ergonomically Designed Ergonomically designed to incorporate innovations for operator comfort and productivity.

Noise and Vibration Suppression The resiliently mounted platform and sound suppressed cab isolates the operator from noise and vibration. Contour Series Seat The Caterpillar Contour Series Seat with air suspension is ergonomically designed and fully adjustable for operator comfort. Quick Shift Feature The quick shift feature allows quicker cycle times by shifting from 1st Forward to 2nd Reverse. Lift and Tilt Hydraulic Controls Lift and tilt hydraulic controls are located to the right side of the seat.

The armrest is height-adjustable so that operators of any size can find a comfortable operating position. Left Foot Pedal The left foot pedal disengages the transmission and stops the machine allowing higher engine speed for better hydraulic response.

Axel Temperature Sensor The axle temperature sensor detects and alerts the operator of elevated axle oil temperature. Throttle Lock The throttle lock allows the operator to preset the engine speed for a variety of applications.

It also has easy download capability. Optional Ride Control System The optional Ride Control System is used in roading, load and carry and other applications where load retention, spillage and operator ride may be a problem. Structures Superior construction means superior strength. Box Section Rear Frame The box section rear frame absorbs torsional forces generated in a loading cycle, maintaining alignment for hitch pins and driveline.

Four Plate Loader Tower The four plate loader tower resists shock and torsional loads maintaining hitch and loader linkage pin alignment. Special Arrangements A variety of machine arrangements to deliver more of what you need in special applications.

Block Handling Arrangement Four arrangements are available to meet a variety of quarry block handling applications. Log Loading Arrangement The log loading arrangement provides options for the logging industry. Buckets The wide choice of Caterpillar buckets helps you match the machine to the job.

Rugged Design All buckets are built with shell-tine construction that resists twisting and distortion. Spade-edge rock bucket with Modulok System The Spade-edge rock bucket with Modulok system is recommended for high-abrasion rock loading.

Wear surfaces are pinned on rather than welded for quick changes. It leaves a clean working floor and there are several tip options available. Buckets are equipped with shouldered double-strap adapters and prove good penetration and smooth work floors. There are several tip options available.

Spade and Straight-edge Rock Buckets with Bolt-on Edges Spade and Straight-edge Rock Buckets with Bolt-on Edges provide smooth work floors, protects the base edge when in loose and abrasive materials and is easily reversible for a second wear surface. Serviceability Less time spent on maintenance gives you more time on the job.

Easy Maintenance In addition to the servicing features built into the engine, the F Series II is easily maintained. Diagnostic Connector The F Series II has a diagnostic connector that enables the quick evaluation of eleven staring and charging functions. Hinged Doors In Platform The F Series II has hinged doors in the platform which provide access to the hydraulic tank fill, implement and steering filters, transmission dipstick and filler spout.

Engine Compartment Doors The hinged doors in front of the engine compartment provide access to the pilot oil filter, transmission oil filter, and the air cleaner. Lube Points Lube points are centralized into four locations and are accessible from ground level. Battery Accessiblity Batteries are accessible through hinged doors in the bumper.

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