Yet, so many people face bad results, because they do not know how to advertise their product properly. That is exactly what this summary is about. Selling is fundamental human interaction. However, most marketers know very little about the drivers that make people buy. He has worked as a consultant for many large companies.

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Yet, so many people face bad results, because they do not know how to advertise their product properly. That is exactly what this summary is about. Selling is fundamental human interaction. However, most marketers know very little about the drivers that make people buy.

He has worked as a consultant for many large companies. It motivates people to buy products or services that they may not even need. However, most advertising experts forget this objective: making people spend money, and focus on being clever or win creative awards instead. We understand that awards are great for your image, but they will not increase your sales. If that is the case, then why so many marketers make the same mistake?

Sellers need to understand human psychology since they have to use persuasion. They need to understand what people want, how they feel about what they want, and try to answer their needs. All human beings have eight basic desires. Advertisements that connect to these desires generate a reaction in customers. Those desires are: To survive and to have a pleasant life. To enjoy food and beverages. To win and to keep pace with their neighbors. To care for and protect their loved ones.

To gain social approval for their actions. Of course, humans are complex and have more desires, but those are secondary like wishing to be clean, efficient, or wanting to cultivate their beauty and style. However, these secondary, learned desires are not as powerful as the biological ones. Below we list the key lessons, which will show you different strategies to make people buy, and the importance of how you pack it up in words. Driving People To Buy 2.

How You Say It Matters 3. Going Online Driving People to Buy To create effective advertisements, you first have to get to know their customers, their needs, and feelings. Once you get that insight, you can use it to gain a strategical advantage.

However, they can feel the same pleasure by seeing others achieve the same satisfaction. This is the case because people can mentally project themselves into the life they desire.

Hence create visual and detailed language in your ads, so your customers connect to the product you offer even before buying it. Create stress by alerting your customers to possible danger, and then offer them a solution to relieve the tension. You can put this method into practice by using spokespeople that people will want to identify with. The transfer is a method that uses the authority of trusted institutions and people that promote your product, to increase consumer confidence in it.

As a result, they want to hang around people that share their values, or that offer them a particular status.

Hence, you can sell your products by linking them to some groups that your customers associate with. Note that people learn about new products in stages: ignorance, familiarity, willingness to buy. Only in the final stage do they become loyal clients. Create ads that match each step of the familiarity process.

So, take the easier route and work on reshuffling the importance of their existing views. Over time, believes that consumers form through rational analysis are much more likely to stick. You can activate their reflex to belong to peer groups. You can reinforce their impulse to reciprocate gifts, such as free samples. You can attract them to your authority. Alternatively, you can push them to buy by making something look scarce.

Providing facts, testimonials, research or other types of evidence is a great way to convince them that your product is right for them. How You Say It Matters At the point when you have chosen your strategy, move to developing your message. In print ads, be brief, clear and straightforward. Express the most significant benefits in a few memorable words. Adopt a newspaper tone, since readers consider this style as more serious than that of a traditional advertisement.

Use photographs and illustrations, and create a balance between graphics and text. Appeal to the all five senses. Going Online The Internet transforms advertising by adding new twists to it.

If you e-mail your ads, note that your customers will most probably want to receive e-mails no more than once a week. Create dynamic e-mails by adding graphics and animations that draw attention. Do not confuse click-through rate with increased sales. Like this summary? Click To Tweet The features are actually the real attributes. The benefits emerge as a result of those attributes.

Click To Tweet Your copy and images should always represent the positive outcomes, and neglect the others. Whitman primarily focuses on print advertising so that some contemporary readers may wish for more information on Internet advertising.

Learn more and more, in the speed that the world demands. Take this summary with you and read anywhere! Download PDF:.


What if you could read 3 books per day?

The author just pours in tenths The book is a collection of techniques and hints that can help boost advertising efficiency and sales for almost anything. The author just pours in tenths of good practices and the reader has to sort it out, which can be difficult and confusing for many people. Especially people who are novice in sales and ads may easily become overwhelmed while reading this book! We do read about paper ads and web page ads, but a huge proportion of ad budget now goes to social media advertising. This book is supposedly published in when social media were already in place and getting attention and some of the ad budget. Hard for me to understand. In brief this is a good and useful book, information included is awesome although nothing new or innovative here for people experienced in the field , you do need to other books or guidance to use much of the information, you can keep this as a reference book and I hope to see an updated edition with reference to social media advertising.



Expression of beauty and style. We learn them. Reading about how others have satisfied their eight primary desires is as pleasant as satisfying them ourselves. Imagining the use of something that appeals to you increases your desire for it. Sell Me the Facts!

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