The compression characteristics of these "high-output" power tubes respond to the dynamic range of lead guitar playing. These tubes react even to the most subtle touch—if you play soft, the tubes remain clean and if you increase your attack they respond accordingly. Take full advantage by setting them where they sound best. Your sound may not be at center 5 on the dial. These controls will not affect or color your sound when set at extreme settings, nor do they interact with each other.

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Eventually, Vai developed into a solid solo artist. Later, his seven-string signature models were introduced and today the seven-string guitar is a strong influence on many of the most popular bands around, including Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Fear Factory. Now Carvin is showing its respect for Vai by building a signature model amp, the Legacy. The Legacy is available as either a head or combo, with optional speaker cabinets.

However, the Legacy can be set up for use with either s, 6L6GCs or EL34s when switching tube types, take the amp to a qualified technician. The Legacy has a single input jack and two independent channels — Lead and Clean.

A pushbutton on the front panel changes channels and red LEDs indicate which is active. An optional FS22 footswitch selects channels and activates the reverb. The Lead channel includes tone controls for Bass, Mid, Treble, and Presence, in addition to separate Drive level and channel Volume controls. The Clean channel has Bass, Mid, and Treble tone controls, a Presence switch functions more like a bright switch on other amps, rather than a rotary Presence control knob , and a master Volume control.

The amplifier section can be used with the built-in speakers or with an extension cabinet with or without the built-in speakers or used with up to two external cabinets. A variety of matching 4 X 12 and 2 X 12 cabs are available. For more punch, keep the back closed and for looser sounds, leave the back of the amp open. The Legacy possesses prevalent qualities of both Marshall and Fender sounds.

The Lead channel is reminiscent of a hotrodded old Marshall and the sounds produced by the Clean channel are along the lines of a well-tuned old Fender. This allows for maximum fine-tuning of the amp to shape the sound.

So how does it sound? The Legacy proves itself a versatile workhorse capable of handling just about any gig. In situations with each type of guitar and trying out a range of rock and blues styles, the Legacy receives high marks. For those classic-type clean or overdriven sounds with the Strat or Les Paul, the Legacy produces smooth, sweet highs, and tight bottom end.

The Lead channel provides a powerful, chunky tone with excellent sustain and impressive low-end throw for a combo. The Legacy offers excellent sustain for soloing and a fat, solid sound for rhythm. Players who favor seven-string guitar or use low tunings will find it a great match for playing heavier rock styles because the sound stays together rather than farting out on the bottom or sounding thin and brittle on the high-end.

The full-stack sound was equally impressive, but bigger — just ask my neighbors! Needless to say, Carvin has provided a good variety of options to accommodate the needs of most players. The company offers a day trial period with a money-back guarantee customer pays shipping, which is not refundable. And all Carvin instruments and amps carry a one-year warranty. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.


Carvin Legacy 3 Model VL300 Steve Vai Signature 3-Channel 100-Watt Guitar Amp Head

This amp has never been gigged with since I bought it new a few months ago. This is one awesome and loud 3-channel guitar amplifier with warm punchy cleans and an amazing dirty channel that will do everything from blues breakup to heavy distortion with infinite sustain. Awesome lush reverb that does not mess with your tone that is assignable to each or the 3-channels each channel remembers if you want reverb on it This thing has all the features that a guitarist needs for studio or stage work. Comes in original packaging with all the original documentation.


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