Tom Wow This book had been at the back of mind for a while and i had been edging to get it. After asking Joshua Jay what he thought about it, it gave me that extra kick and i went and bought it along with Tangled Web. Im so Happy i purchased this its worth every cent. The book itself was much smaller than i thought but man the stuff inside those pages.

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I need to let it out This is one of the best reads I have had on card magic in a long long time. I lean more toward advanced because two tricks of the seven require faro shuffles, whilst the rest need practice finger flicking, riffle stacking, memorized deck at least a partial one , zarrow shuffling and bottom dealing.

This does not mean that the intermediate student should not pick this book up. It is cloth bound with beautiful indented writing on the front cover. Simply unbelievable workmanship.

Excellent writings on what many magicians lack: not just doing tricking people but There are little writings scattered throughout the introduction and within tricks that show just how much Pit is trying to make us think about how to make a mere effect, utterly impossible in the mind of the spectator. There is also a cool gag about how to control the actions of someone turning over his hand without ever touching him and his feeling no resistance. I could write a lot in this section. I have read a lot of magic and mentalism in the past year.

None come close to this thought provoking journey. Though most of the concepts used in his writings are not new, his effects are original in structure and presentation. I absolutely love his method for the common "Move a Card" theme His Colour Sense plot is genius utilizing excellent memorization techniques.

His Triple Countdown will be the most talked about trick from the book because the effect is simply impossible. Finger Flicker takes an obvious concept and raises the bar so high that the routine once again screams impossible. That one is going to become a classic. His version of Triumph, while difficult, is one of the more convincing ones out there.

Finally his Cincinnati Pit routine stacking poker hands in ten seconds is difficult very Darwin Ortiz oriented but worth learning because of the effect it can have on a spectator. Overall, none of the effects are fluff, all are worthy of careful study and will garner huge applauses if performed properly He also gives a complete Bibliography at the end of the manuscript.

You know when you buy a magic book and the tricks are usually just re-workings of other effects? Well Pit provides original masterpieces in this book. Stuff that will make any audience stand up and applause. And you know those times when you buy a trick and wish the method was a little bit more ingenius. Well every method here will make you smile.

Because I love Cards. There I said it. I am not a mentalist. I am a magician, and at times Cards will always be a part of my repertoire and while most mentalism books contain a section on cards, and seek to justify that chapter being there cards are usually used as a form of trickery blah blah blah , I find myself going back to the great books of Marlo, Ortiz, Regal, Jennings, Hollingworth etc. While there are only card effects in this book, to me most have a mental theme. The way the tricks are structured and presented truly engage the audience in believing the impossible and getting inside their mind.

I can only look forward to future works from Mr. I write this review only to let others know of the true value of this wonderful work. This will be a classic book that will be very hard to find in the future. Please practice before you go out and show anyone these tricks.

Bravo Mr. Must Buy.


Card Fictions

Finger Flicker Only one finger is used for one of the coolest demonstrations of precision and skill with a deck of cards. Easy to perform with any deck, anywhere, anytime, Finger Flicker may easily become a modern classic. Colour Sense This unusual phenomenon of feeling colours through a table has never failed to fascinate everybody who has seen it. Colour Sense effectively replaces sleight-of-hand with memory-work and psychology to achieve a seemingly impossible effect. Done in the right situation, this is the piece they will remember you for in years. Cincinnati Pit From a shuffled deck, the performer stacks four perfect Poker hands in less than ten seconds.


Card Fictions (2018 edition)






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