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Snow loads 5 Snow load on the roof 4 6 Snow load on the ground 4 7 Snow load shape coefficients 6 8 Snow sliding down roofs 9 Appendix A Annual probabilities of exceedance different from 0. Imposed roof loads were previously included in BS This new Part of BS now gives more information on imposed roof loads and in particular gives snow loading data separately, allowing account to be taken of the variation of snow in the United Kingdom and the effect of redistribution of snow on roofs due to wind. Use of the uniformly distributed snow loads are subject to an overriding minimum requirement.

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Other Standard BS standard: Part 1 - Code of practice for dead and imposed loads Please sign in your account to download the document. If you do not have an account click here to sign up and receive bonus e-coins immediately.

Join the activities on me. Overview standard BS Loading for buildings. Code of practice for dead and imposed loads: This Part of BS provides dead and minimum recommended imposed loads for use in designing buildings.

It applies to: a new buildings and new structures; b alterations and additions to existing buildings and existing structures; c existing construction on change of use. The weights of movable partitions which were redefined as imposed loads, to retain their classification.

The reductions in floor load with number of storeys and with area have also been clarified. This standard also provides recommendations for vertical loading on parapets, barriers and balustrades. This British Standard does not apply to the maintenance of, or the replacement of parts of, existing buildings and structures where there is no change of use.

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Bs 6399 - Part 1-1984 Design Loading For Buildings


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BS 6399-1:1996


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