The reason? One word or maybe two : ClickTight. Car crashes are the leading cause of injury or death for children under six, and we depend on car seats to keep our children safe in the event of an accident. The easier a seat is to install, the more likely it is to be used correctly and perform its intended job. The Frontier comes standard with the Lower Universal Anchorage System LUAS tethers of course, but as Tee is now 6 years old and 45 pounds, she is over the maximum weight limit for the lower anchors in our car which means we must use the seat belt to secure the seat. That will be the case for most kids in the Frontier, as the seat accommodates children up to 65 pounds in the harness mode.

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This product is easy to use and has a 5-point harness that works for children up to 90 lbs 65 lbs for Canada. Unfortunately, this seat is heavy and large making it hard to move from car to car and a poor choice for traveling. However, it is the highest scoring seat with a 5-point harness, and we like the idea of keeping kids in a 5-point harness for an extended period of time as it has been shown to be safer for children than a vehicle belt.

This feature makes the Frontier a Top Pick for 5-point harness and a good option for families looking to keep little ones in a harness for longer. Compare to Similar Products change comparison Our Analysis and Test Results In , Britax launched in America after years of success in Europe as the best-selling car seat manufacturer. They believe families should live life without limits.

They work to create gear with innovative designs that have safety in mind. Britax works in conjunction with a variety of car manufacturers, governments, and child passenger safety experts to test and create new products for families. The United States manual shows the 5-point harness as appropriate for children up to 90 lbs, while the Canadian manual states the 5-point harness should only be used for children up to 65 lbs.

The Britax has EPP foam including in the headrest area for additional protection in the event of a crash. Crash Test The Britax earned a higher than average score for crash test results. This score is above the average for the group and indicates an additional margin of protection over the lower scoring seats we tested. This graph is a comparison of the Britax black to the Evenflow Spectrum green which earned the best test results for the head sensor.

The Britax head sensor data recorded where the maximum allowed is lower is better. The high in the group is closer to and the best result is a This graph is a comparison of the Britax black to the Peg Perego Viaggio Flex green which earned the best test results for the chest sensor.

The maximum allowed result is 60, so it is below the maximum and therefore considered safe, but it is higher than the competition with an impressive 39 HIC in our tests. The Britax booster is easy for children to buckle themselves in. Ease of Use The Britax is easy enough to use with some features designed for simplicity. This score is one point below the high for the group. This score indicates that in general, it is easy to use compared to the competition.

Harness Trouble Several Amazon reviewers have indicated a potential design flaw in the Frontier 5-point harness. The harness can be extremely hard to tighten when the booster is installed. After an investigation, we feel this is a result of the harness straps that run up the back of the booster and press against the vehicle seat.

Depending on the shape of the vehicle seat the pressure on the harness can make it difficult or impossible to move. For this reason, we recommend purchasing the Frontier from a vendor that makes returns easy like Amazon , so you can replace it with a different model should your vehicle seat be incompatible.

Both ways are easy enough, and the LATCH anchors are usable in booster mode without the 5-point harness. The headrest above left moves up and down smoothly without trouble, and the shoulder strap height for the 5-point harness will move along with it if it is on the seat.

The shoulder belt retainer above right is on the headrest assembly, so it moves with the headrest when you are not using the 5-point harness. Aligning the vehicle belt for proper fitting is easy above left , and the retainers work well at keeping the strap secure. The 5-point harness above right is also easy to use. The Britax has two cup holders that are easy to reach. They do not hold larger items, but they are useful for smaller water bottles and cups.

The Britax has a recline feature with a pull lever under the front seat, and you may need to hold the base down to finish the adjustment. It also has dual cup holders on the seat bottom that are easy to access if a bit challenging to clean. The Frontier is one of the heaviest and largest options in this review.

Weight and Size The Frontier is a heavy and wider option compared to the competition. This Britax weighs The width is 19 inches making it one of the widest. The weight and size make this product a poor choice for travel or regular movement from car to car. If you plan to leave the seat in your car, then it may not be an issue. Otherwise, it is not a good choice for carpoolers or frequent carrying. Given the added layers of foam, we thought the seat would be comfy, but our testers disagreed when compared to the competition.

We agree that the headrest is hard and we also think the design seems to offer less support for napping heads. The Britax earned the top score for quality with high-end parts and durable construction.

Quality The Britax is a good quality seat with one of the best scores for quality in the group. The fabric is sturdy and feels durable, if a bit rough, and it wipes clean.


Britax FRONTIER Manuals

It is the tallest harness height available, not including special needs seats. The seat features a no-rethread harness, which makes adjusting the harness heights for multiple children a breeze. The harness adjusts from the top of the restraint; this is a nice improvement over the Frontier 85, which required the seat to be uninstalled to adjust the harness height. Britax Frontier crotch buckle positions There are two different crotch buckle positions and switching the buckle positions is so easy that it can be done without uninstalling the seat. There is no removing the buckle, simply slide it from one slot to another.



However it is not as easy to adjust. It has multiple safety features and can accommodate a child until they can use a regular seat belt. There are a few differences however, which make these seats a little bit different from each other. The Frontier 85 is unique in the fact that it is designed to be able to be used on airplanes. The seat itself is constructed to keep kids safe while they are growing and getting bigger. It has special padding in the head and on the sides. You can use this seat for babies and toddlers, and the seat actually converts so it can be used as a booster seat for grade school children.

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