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They are incredibly well built and designed to last a very long time. Serial Number To find the serial number on your Briggs And Stratton Engine take a look at the metal casing just above the spark plug lead it should be stamped onto the casing. You will see the model type and code numbers listed. Spark Plug Before I do any work or servicing on a lawnmower I first remove the spark plug. I always use NGK spark plugs and have so far not encountered one faulty one. I would advise re-fitting the spark plug as the final part of servicing for safety reasons.

The correct spark plug gap setting for a Briggs And Stratton Classic engine is 0. The official part number for a Briggs And Stratton spark plug wrench is Briggs And Stratton Feel free to check out my Youtube video I made to accompany this article. You may think that tipping a lawnmower up and draining out the oil would be the quickest and easiest way to do it. Its a quick and clean way to remove old oil and eliminates the need to tip over the lawnmower.

My extractor also stores the oil until I can dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. If you are going to sharpen the blade you will now be able to tip up the lawnmower without fuel and oil causing any further problems. Be sure to check the oil level using the engine oil dipstick. You should fully thread in the engine oil dipstick to check the level and be sure not to overfill to avoid white smoke problems. Air Filter To remove the air filter on a Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic lawnmower engine only requires the removal of one screw.

Take a flathead screwdriver and remove the screw from the top of the air filter housing. The thread on the screw is fairly long so be sure to unscrew it fully and pull the screw up and out of the air filter housing. Lift off the air filter and turn it over. You can now remove the sponge air filter.

Often if a lawnmower has been tipped over this air filter can be black with oil. When refitting the air filter take a small amount of fresh oil and smear it very lightly on the air filter. This helps attract dust and particles and should help your air filter stay clean. I regularly repair lawnmowers for profit. Please check out this playlist with over 90 videos on Briggs And Stratton repairs Air filters are inexpensive to replace and I suggest replacing them whenever servicing. Starter Recoil Rope And Handle Removing the starter recoil gives you access to everything you need to carry out a service.

The design of the Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic is very simple and really easy to work on. To remove the starter recoil assembly you will need to remove 3 bolts. Take a 10mm socket or spanner and start with the bolt above the spark plug. There are two further bolts on the rear of the starter recoil one near the engine oil dipstick and one through the exhaust guard.

Remove these 3 bolts and place them in a magnetic parts tray. Often the bolt that goes through the exhaust guard has a slightly wider head so it may be worth labelling or colour coding the 3 bolts.

Lift the starter recoil off the engine and set it aside. If the pull cord is attached to the lawnmower handle you should un-attach it now. Note never cut the starter recoil rope from the handle. It will wind up the pull cord inside the recoil. Take a look at the starter rope, if it looks frayed or damaged it should be replaced. I buy meter lengths of 3. Also, pull out the cord from the opposite end and remove the starter handle.

To measure the length of your new pull cord simply lie the old cord along the ground next to the new one. Be sure to leave a little extra on the new cord to allow you to tie a couple of knots. Burn the end of the new pull cord to stop it fraying. It also helps push it through into the starter recoil. Align the new rope up with the recoil and push it through and tie a knot.

Note Leave the clamp in position. Now burn the opposite end of the pull cord rope and re-attach the pull cord handle. Release The clamp and slowly let the spring take up the tension and rewind the new starter rope.

I can do the Briggs And Stratton Classic pull cord in under 5 minutes partly thanks to the simple design, After a couple of attempts you will be able to do the same. This brake needs to move far enough away from the flywheel to ensure easy starting.

With the starter recoil cover removed, we can now see and check the brake is working correctly. Operate the safety lever on the handle of your lawnmower and you will see a brake, along with a kill switch move away from the flywheel. To remove a faulty brake release cable take some long nose pliers and squeeze the cable connector.

You can now pull the cable back through the housing and replace it if necessary. It is on the back of the flywheel. Remove the bolt and lift off the cover.

You will now see a small switch with a small wire attached to it. Clean the kill switch and operate the safety lever on the lawnmower handle once more. There should be a disconnection of the kill switch whilst the safety handle is pulled and a connection once released.

For a detailed video on kill switches take a look at this from my youtube channel and be sure to subscribe. Ignition Coil The ignition coil should not need any adjusting during a service, however, I will include the information on how to set the ignition coil gap to the flywheel.

On either side of the ignition coil, you will find two small bolts, loosen them both but leave them in position. Turn the flywheel to a position where the magnets on the flywheel do not grab the ignition coil. Take a piece of card around the thickness of a playing card and place it between the ignition coil and the flywheel, next turn the flywheel to a position where the ignition coil is grabbed by the flywheel with the card in between.

Tighten the two bolts evenly and rotate the flywheel to remove the card. You should now have an even gap on both sides of the ignition coil in relation to the flywheel. More commonly the problem is with a break in the wire that runs around the flywheel to the kill switch.

Spark Plug Lead With the spark plug removed take a look at the connection inside the cable. Occasionally the inner connection can become bent and damaged.

Governor Flap The governor flap assembly is a plastic semi-circular flap that runs part way around the front of the flywheel. Make sure it moves freely and springs back against the governor springs. There is no setting of the governor flap. It opens and closes against the flywheel when the engine is running to help maintain an even speed on all terrain. Make sure it is free from obstruction.

The answer is usually because it overheats. Take the time to clean out all the cooling fins around the engine. If they are clogged the lawnmower will quickly overheat and cut out.

The Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic Engine is particularly prone to white smoke problems after the engine has been tipped up or over. If it helps you could run the engine in 2-minute sections to reduce smoke.

The reason for this is it only takes the removal of two bolts to remove the entire carburettor and petrol tank. This is why I always suggest this Briggs engine as a great starting point for anyone looking to start repairing lawnmowers for profit. Check out my video on how to replace the diaphragm and gasket and service a Briggs and Stratton 35 Classic Carburettor here. With all the fuel now extracted remove the petrol cap. This gives easy access to the 13mm bolt to the left-hand side of the carburettor.

Use an extended 13mm socket to remove this bolt. Next, take a 10mm socket or spanner and remove the second smaller bolt towards the front of the lawnmower. Refit the petrol cap and pull the petrol tank towards you. It will pull away from the lawnmower and is now only held on by one spring linkage. Unhook the linkage and set aside the petrol tank and carburettor. Clean any outer areas of the carburettor and petrol tank to avoid further problems when cleaning the inside of the carburettor.

Looking from above you will see 6 screws that sit around the carburettor. Remove these screws now and put them in a magnetic parts tray. All the screws are identical. Pull the carburettor up from the petrol tank and be sure to not lose the small spring that sits on the underside of the carburettor. The spring part number is Briggs And Stratton Remove the diaphragm and gasket from the underside of the carburettor.

The part number for a genuine Briggs And Stratton Diaphragm and gasket set is this number replaces the old part number of Spray all the carburettor and tank with carburettor spray and blow everything out with compressed air. Make sure everything is clean and dry including the long pick up tube. This tube has a filter. It will click loudly as it goes back on. With everything clean and dry take a new diaphragm and gasket set and place it on the petrol tank.


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If the vanes of the impeller are ok just make sure the seal is in position before you secure the motor to the housing. Power Tool Parts Brands. Outdoor Recreation Parts Brands. Briggs-Stratton model E2 engine genuine parts I recommend placing a few old towels down to soak up the water that will come out of the pump when the filter is removed.


Briggs & Stratton manuals

Put the washer into a drain, spin cycle, and carefully check for volts ac at the drain motor. Okay Or call now for immediate assistance: Purchase requirement calculated before taxes and shipping charges and after other discounts have been applied and must be made in a single transaction. This repair video will instruct you how to repair a dirty or damaged spark arrestor on your jodel engine. Thank you for your question.

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