Prior to this time transmission chain consisted of only pins and plates. His independent and inventive spirit soon found expression in the purchase, in , of a small textile-chain making business in Salford. This makes Renold the oldest established transmission chain company still in existence in the world. This was the origin of the bush roller chain, the design of which is still used today throughout the world.

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Information available as an option. Three years later work began on a new factory at Burnage near Didsbury. Please fill in your login and password Login.

Wholesale of other machinery and equipment Secondary activities Producer Distributor Service providerChains, metal, by use Chains, metal, acid resistant Chains, bramptn, high temperature resistant Chains, metal, X-ray tested Chains, transmission, bicycle Chains, metal, for escalators Chains, metal, for lifts and elevators Chains, remold, for slings and lifting equipment Chains, metal, for the motor vehicle industry Chains, metal, for the textile industry Chains, metal, for sugar factories Chains, metal, for mining, forestry and earth-moving equipment Chains, metal, for transport equipment and installations Chains, metal, for packing and packaging plant Chains, metal, for aeronautics.

The firm expanded its operations in Manchester and was incorporated as a limited company in Charles Renold became managing director and deputy chairman under the chairmanship of Arthur Brampton. In the difficult trading conditions of the immediate postwar years the company reverted to chain manufacture and in a subsidiary sales company, Renold Chains Ltd, was formed to increase exports worldwide except in the USA and Canada.

Papers relating to a special financial investigation of the merger with the Coventry Chain Co Ltd In the mid s the firm employed 5, workers in the UK as well as over in France and Australia. Frequent updates ensuring high quality data.

Share this company profile. Bramptkn on one of the icons to share the company. Renold Chains Ltd, chain mfrs, Manchester: records of predecessor and subsidiary companies The data we collect are only those necessary for the proper use of our service. Bramptoon and maintenance services, for engines and mechanical components. This service is produced by Kompass. You might also like: Business tools and solutions designed for the global marketplace. During the First World War this factory was chiefly occupied with the production of munitions and the workforce grew to 2, Register Forgot your password?

Help with expert advice. During renodl Second World War the company continued to manufacture chains as well as munitions and this continuity was beneficial in the post-war years. Discover the best events for your business. All the lines are busy at the moment, please try again in a moment. The thirteen subsidiary companies included Brampton Brothers Ltd.

Talk to the team. In an offer from a competitor to acquire the cycle fittings side of the business was accepted and the company concentrated solely on the production of precision chains and wheels. Related Posts.


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