Her parents, Everett Edward Hambly Jr. In her early teens, after reading J. She became interested in costumery from an early age, and has been a long-time participant in Society for Creative Anachronism activities. In the mids, the Hambly family spent a year in Australia.

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Petersburg, and needs someone he can trust to ship his coffin. As my disinterest in vamps maiens, Barbara Hambly is one of the few authors that can still make them interesting to me. The reader is never allowed to forget how Ysidro and his fellow vampires survive. Blood Maidens — Barbara Hambly — now cheaper in paperback I was far more interested in their cautious rapport than in the action that was taking place elsewhere in the book. In Russia, there is a problem: The story is heading for the sub-arctic capital of old Russia, with the White Nights eminent.

Hambly neatly connects the belief in spontaneous human combustion to the fate of vampires exposed to sunlight. As it stands, the style was perfect for book 1, but here it stood between me as the reader and a deeper connection with the story.

Not saying all vampire series are raunchy btw. Riddick Active Member Dec 14, There may be a rogue vampire working with humans to hamblg a vampire capable of walking in daylight. Worth a read at that price haha. Bride of the Rat God. Petersburg, ina year before the outbreak of WW I and four years before the Russian revolution. Thanks for sharing this. Blood Maidens takes place about a year after Traveling with the Dead and the relationships are picked up without a hitch.

James Asher is very human. Her use of metaphor and simile is one maidrns the loveliest things I know of in fiction. In other words, it took quiet a while for me to connect with the story she was trying to tell. The cautious friendship between the Ashers and Ysidro is also well-portrayed. Barbara Hambly Star Trek Books. Mar 25, Shawn Spjut rated it liked it. Most 10 Related.


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