We pray Hanuman and describe his Strength and how he is powerful. We ask happiness and to remove all sorrow from our life. Saturn has got a black form, slim body and composition of the body shows more of wind. Basically very idle but if is in good yogas with Jupiter, Sun or Mangal then these people are found hard working. He has got firm face and deep eyes. His face will never reveal anything about his true nature.

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Bhimrupi stotra to get extreme strength and courage. The description of stotra is given by chetanya mundachali. Bheemrupi stotra is composed by Swami samartha ramadas. It is said that saint ramadas got darshan of Shri rama by performing purushcharan of Shri rama jaya rama mantra 13 crore times. This bhimrupi stotra is very popular in maharashtra and is mainly recited for strength,courage and valour. This stotra is especially beneficial for those who wants to gain immense physical strength and courage.

This stotra is recited by wrestlers in maharashtra for physical strength. Apart from this,the stotra also provides protection,happieness and peace for the sadhak. So i reccommend everyone to chant this stotra for those who want to gain the benefits mentioned above. Here iam giving a special prayog using the same stotra:- Start this sadhana from shukla paksha tuesday or any other hindu festival day,and before performing this prayog go to hanuman temple and ask his blessings and pray him to give success in the sadhana you are doing.

In the morning after performing your daily chores go to your pooja room and place a chowki in front of you and keep a copper plate on it. One should sit facing north or east direction while performing the sadhana. Establish veer hanuman idol or left facing hanuman idol on it and then place rama darbar in front of it.

Light a sesame oil diya and few incense sticks and then do panchopachar pooja of lord hanuman. Then worship ganesha,Lord shiva-parvati,Lord shri rama -sita and finally lord hanuman. Take sankalp for your desired wishes Recite Rama-raksha stotra once and then chant the bhimrupi stotra 21 times daily for 90 days. After completion of the stotra chant Shri rama jaya rama jaya jaya rama mantra times. After performing this prayog as per the rules mentioned one will without doubt get their wishes fullfilled by the grace of lord hanuman.

One can chant hanuman chalisa 5 times in the evening to gain extremely powerful results.


Maruti Stotra



॥ मारुती स्तोत्र ॥ (Maruti Stotra)


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