We find out whether it is The FBQ is the latest model from Behringer and represents a higher-tech approach to the art of feedback suppression — but still keeping within the realms of budget gear. This device, which works either in stereo or as two independent channels, functions as an automatic feedback eliminator and also as a manually operated digital equaliser. It does look slightly strange to me straight out of the box, but overall the styling is neat and businesslike. There are three MIDI connectors, too — In, Out and Thru — which are used to receive, pass and transmit various control instructions and may also be used for future operating-system updates. As with all Behringer gear, the mains power supply is internal and can accept anything from V to V, at either 50Hz or 60Hz.

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All Hail! Avoid such an item flogged by russ. The search was on. I was thus surprised to see an entirely new Feedback Destroyer listed on the website of all things copied. The FBQ, no less.

I bought one from yourspares. Before you break out the hanky with tears of sympathy for my situation, consider the care taken for where you stored your subwoofer box. Now consider finding room for five others and then look for somewhere to store the twenty five speakers they came with It is cheap. In fact, none failed in their intended modus operandi, regardless of price.

Some - the Antimode springs to mind - were exceptional for their price. However, for the sub-bass aficionado willing to learn the true acoustic shape of their room, the Behringer Feedback Destroyer BFD remains the weapon of choice, especially when partnered with with the brilliant and free Room Equalization Wizard REW.

Buying a new one has reminded me that there is a bit of a learning curve to cope with initially, but in the long run, the partnership of a BFD, plus REW, remains the most powerful, manual subwoofer EQ device you can buy.

End of. Every set of speakers I review, is measured using REW, as it short circuits hours of listening to speakers to get the best bass response. The ear is crap at such a task, whilst measurement does not lie. Once this is done, the audiophile niceties such as imaging, which is a subjective task, can be got to and sorted sooner. This mostly involves toe in angles, having read the manufacturers recommendations.

As ever, I suggest measurements for the basis of your setup, even if it is only to work out if you want to plug your ports, or not.


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