Friday, May 31, Behold!!! According to Mike McGee, the curator of the show, this was the "first extensive survey of surviving Stanislaw Szukalski drawings. His eccentric artwork, which include drawings as well as masterful sculptures, were eventually embraced by an eclectic mixture of notable Southern Californians such as Glenn Bray, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Williams and Jim Woodring among many others. The subtitle of my first book i.

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It built the Szukalski National Museum in Warsaw to hold his massive sculptures and dramatic, mythological paintings. When the Nazis invaded Poland in , they destroyed the museum and all of Szukalskis sculptures and paintings. He fled to the United States, where no one recognized him as a celebrated hero. He lived in a small apartment in Glendale, California and made a meager income drawing maps for the aerospace industry. Szukalski wrote over 10, pages about Zermatism and illustrated his argument with 40, illustrations.

I interviewed Woodring about his friendship with the incredibly arrogant yet charming Szukalski on my Boing Boing podcast, Gweek. You can listen to it here.

Several years ago I had the opportunity to see the entire Zermatism archives firsthand. They are bound in massive books and are in the possession of comic book art collector Glenn Bray. It was a stunning sight. Frankly, I am talented in many fields because my interests are numerous, so that I understand to a higher degree how they are interrelated. Thus, when I say about myself that I am a genius, it is not self-praise, but a statement to describe a type of mindset: whatever it does in any field, it does well.

A mind that peruses in many fields will comprehend better, and many things more, than one that is absorbed in only one. It becomes a universal mind.

The a-Humans, however, because they are born in our own countries and communicate in our languages, are not recognized and are taken to be Poles in Poland, Englishmen in England, Russians in Russia. The gigantic abdomen that gorillas have to keep on feeding all day was inherited by their bastardly descendents, which physical trait was sublimated into avarice for everything in sight.

The Protong.


Behold!!! the Protong

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