While they may lack the weight, speed and size of a real helicopter, RC helicopters can still provide that well-needed adrenaline boost and are loved all around the world. Searching for the perfect present or simply looking to get stuck into a new hobby? Look no further. RC helicopters are expensive and technical pieces of kit, and flying one properly involves patience, skill and technical know-how. For kids, RC helicopters is a fantastic hobby. It gets them outside, encourages them to be calm and patient, and teaches them to be responsible for a piece of machinery — perfect before they get put behind the wheel of a car!

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With out any doubt flying a helicopter is far harder to acquire than flying a plane and very satisfying when achieved. Chapter 4: Understanding RC systems and how they work Chapter 5: Understanding the primary helicopter controls Chapter 6: Ways of learning to fly an RC helicopter Chapter 8: Get familiar with your helicopter, prepare it for flight Chapter 9: Choosing a suitable flying area Chapter Essential pre-flight checks Chapter Your first steps to getting airborne Chapter Learning to hover your heli Chapter Flying a Figure 8 hover Chapter Basic forward flight Chapter Flying a circular circuit Sample page from the Guide "But what this hobby has seen in recent years is a complete change in variety and designs of helicopter available; electric power EP has become the norm and multi-function helicopters that need no assembly whatsoever and can pretty much be flown straight out the box are being sold in hobby and toy shops alongside model cars and boats - this was an unthinkable idea not that long ago.

And even more recently, as the ongoing electronic revolution continues, we now have easy access to micro-size helicopters that sit comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be flown in a completely controlled manner around your living room


A Beginner’s Guide to Flying RC Helis – What You Need to Know

Sellers may also refer to these models as copters, whirlybirds, and choppers. These names are broadly interchangeable terms. It makes sense to start with the ones that have a gentle learning curve. The less time, commitment, and learning there is, the quicker new pilots progress. The opposite is true if you start with something too complex. Heli fans at the higher end also have mechanical and electronic skills as well as piloting expertise. Their main attraction—at the novice level—is flight stability.


Ultimate Beginners Guide To Flying RC Helis

His way of explaining things are extremely easy to understand and I can truly say that his helicopter flying lessons gave the confidence I needed to fly the way I do it today. Very well done - even an old fart like me should get his vintage nitro heli into the air!! It is written such that even someone with absolutely no previous knowledge of helicopters can understand what is going on. Thank you so much!


The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Helicopters

Coaxial helis have a shared axis. The models have two sets of rotors on a concentric shaft, one above the other. The design makes the copter more stable and thus has a shallower learning curve for beginners. Not everyone is a fan of the coaxial style. Most model enthusiasts prefer replica single-rotor helicopters as they look more authentic than double rotors. You can also have more fun flying them, especially when it comes to aerobatics.


The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to RC Helicopters

As with my other eBooks, I am not going to waste your valuable time with a endless sales pitch. Page 03 Chapter 1 - Introduction to the RC heli hobby Page 05 Chapter 2 - Different types of RC helicopter Page 08 Chapter 3 - Understanding RC systems and how they work Page 18 Chapter 4 - Understanding the primary helicopter controls

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