Never had the billionaire experienced such searing passion and such a desire to cherish a woman. Then Max detected a secret Lilli seemed determined to keep hidden. Would the truth bring him to his knees Tony had been full of easy smiles and charm, and ultimately lies. Tony had told her about his brother, Max. Lilli had detached herself from Tony for good reasons.

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Tony had been full of easy smiles and charm, and ultimately lies. Tony had told her about his brother, Max. Lilli had detached herself from Tony for good reasons.

She wanted nothing to do with him, his friends or his family. Taking a quick breath, she gave a slow nod, willing herself not to be intimidated by the tall man. As you know, my brother died in an automobile accident. He paused, his gaze flickering over her in a considering way again. His tone jabbed at her. I wanted the baby brought up in a different environment.

Lilli, this is Jim Gregory. You may recognize him as someone who has knocked on your door a few times recently. Max took the papers and pen and handed them to Lilli. If you should die or fail to raise the child in a responsible manner, you agree to relinquish custody of the child to a suitable guardian of my choice. Shoving the papers back at him, she stepped backward. Sleep on it. He shook his head and held up his hand. It costs a lot to raise a child.

Do you really want to give up everything this money can buy for your child? Incensed and insulted, she paced into the den. Her pulse was racing in her ears, her nails digging into her palms as she clenched her hands together.

Who in hell did he think he was, coming into her home and talking to her that way? But everyone made mistakes. The solution was owning up to them and making the best of whatever choices have been made. Lilli walked into the nursery she had begun to decorate and took a deep calming breath.

With her next paycheck, she planned to buy soft crib sheets and blankets in blue for her little guy. Pressing her hand to her belly again, she thought of Max De Luca. Arrogant, insulting, charm-free. At least to her. But lions had always fascinated her, too, and she knew better than to get into a den with one of them. Loosening his tie a fraction of an inch, Max unlocked the car and slid behind the steering wheel. It gave him the illusion of control. He slid into the leather seat.

You would think he could have at least provided for his child. Did you have to be a total ass to her? She had to have another angle. I mean, aside from the bump, she had a nice body as far as I could tell. Did you notice she was wearing bunny slippers? How had Tony lucked into her? Not if his first instincts about her were correct. He got lucky. He felt himself grow warm at the thought and shook his head. Turning the AC on high, he directed the vent at his face. Even a blond woman with pink cheeks, bee-stung lips and blue eyes that lit up like sparklers when she was angry.

He had a lot of practice. His investments had delivered triple returns. Determined to keep talent in the merged company, the new board paid the top performers eight-figure salaries. Nothing would stop him. Especially not a feisty little blonde who happened to be carrying a De Luca baby in her belly.

The following evening, as she left the dental practice where she worked, Lilli winced as she flexed her fingers.

DECRETO 6791 DE 2009 PDF

The Billionaires Club Series

Maybe later, but not now. Your life will be just like it was before, with a few perks. As if anything could ever be like before. How is it right for your child not to know his uncle?


Bedded by the Billionaire



Leanne Banks


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