Grolkis The output voltage range also baf the negative power supply The output voltage range also includes the baf power supply You may also like Sending feedback, please wait The product does not contain any of the restricted substances in concentrations and applications banned by the Directive, and for components, the baf is capable of baf worked on at the higher temperatures required by baf soldering. Our baf uses baf and similar technologies to provide you with a better service while searching or placing an order, for analytical bwf and to personalise our advertising to you. Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better service while searching or placing an order, for analytical purposes and to personalise our advertising to you. Typical Input Voltage Noise Density. Please select an existing parts list. Additional features include a wide operating voltage range of 3V to 32V single power supply use and Surface mounting SO package Operable with a single power supply Baf operating supply voltage range Standard op amp pin assignments Input and output are operable ground sense Baf phase compensation type Internal ESD protection.

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General-purpose No. All rights reserved. Application if voltage in excess of absolute maximum rating or use out of absolute maximum rated temperature environment may cause deterioration of characteristics.

Then input terminal voltage is set to more than VEE. When the output terminal is continuously shorted the output current reduces the internal temperature by flushing. Technical Note 1. BA family Fig. BAA family Technical Note 2. BAA family Fig. BA family 4. PSRR [dB]. Absolute maximum ratings The absolute maximum ratings are values that should never be exceeded, since doing so may result in deterioration of electrical characteristics or damage to the part itself as well as peripheral components.

Normal operation is not guaranteed within the common-mode voltage range of the maximum ratings — use within the input common-mode voltage range of the electric characteristics instead. The higher the ambient temperature, the lower the power consumption of the IC. The storage temperature range denotes the range of temperatures the IC can be stored under without causing excessive deterioration of the electrical characteristics.

For packaged products, Pd is determined by the maximum junction temperature and the thermal resistance. Electrical characteristics 2. It can be thought of as the input voltage difference required for setting the output voltage to 0 V. High level output voltage indicates the upper limit of the output voltage, while low level output voltage the lower limit. The output source current indicates the current flowing out of the IC, and the output sink current the current flowing into the IC.

IC is heated when it consumed power, and the temperature of IC chip becomes higher than ambient temperature. The temperature that can be accepted by IC chip depends on circuit configuration, manufacturing process, and consumable power is limited.

Power dissipation is determined by the temperature allowed in IC chip maximum junction temperature and thermal resistance of package heat dissipation capability. The maximum junction temperature is typically equal to the maximum value in the storage temperature range. Heat generated by consumed power of IC radiates from the mold resin or lead frame of the package.

The temperature of IC inside the package can be estimated by this thermal resistance. Power that can be consumed by IC begins to attenuate at certain ambient temperature. Thermal reduction curve indicates a reference value measured at a specified condition. However, this does not ensure normal circuit operation. Please note that the circuit operates normally only when the input voltage is within the common mode input voltage range of the electric characteristics. Therefore, please take into consideration the power dissipation Pd under actual operating conditions and apply a sufficient margin in thermal design.

Refer to the thermal derating curves for more information. In addition, the presence of foreign substances between the outputs, the output and the power supply, or the output and GND may result in IC destruction. Therefore, when the load resistor is connected to the middle potential of VCC and VEE, crossover distortion occurs at the changeover between discharging and charging of the output current. Connecting a resistor between the output terminal and GND, and increasing the bias current for Class A operation will suppress crossover distortion.

Therefore, discharging the capacitor after every process is recommended. In addition, when attaching and detaching the jig during the inspection phase, ensure that the power is turned OFF before inspection and removal. Furthermore, please take measures against ESD in the assembly process as well as during transportation and storage. Therefore, when using this IC in circuits where oscillation due to output capacitive load does not occur, such as in voltage comparators, use an output capacitor with a capacitance less than 0.

Part No. SOP14 8. SSOP-B8 3. Embossed carrier tape pcs E2 The direction is the 1pin of product is at the upper left when you hold 6. MSOP8 2. VQFN16 4. The content specified herein is subject to change for improvement without notice. If you wish to use any such Product, please be sure to refer to the specifications, which can be obtained from ROHM upon request.

Examples of application circuits, circuit constants and any other information contained herein illustrate the standard usage and operations of the Products.

The peripheral conditions must be taken into account when designing circuits for mass production. Great care was taken in ensuring the accuracy of the information specified in this document.

However, should you incur any damage arising from any inaccuracy or misprint of such information, ROHM shall bear no responsibility for such damage. The technical information specified herein is intended only to show the typical functions of and examples of application circuits for the Products. ROHM does not grant you, explicitly or implicitly, any license to use or exercise intellectual property or other rights held by ROHM and other parties.

ROHM shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any dispute arising from the use of such technical information. The Products specified in this document are intended to be used with general-use electronic equipment or devices such as audio visual equipment, office-automation equipment, communication devices, electronic appliances and amusement devices.

The Products specified in this document are not designed to be radiation tolerant. While ROHM always makes efforts to enhance the quality and reliability of its Products, a Product may fail or malfunction for a variety of reasons.

Please be sure to implement in your equipment using the Products safety measures to guard against the possibility of physical injury, fire or any other damage caused in the event of the failure of any Product, such as derating, redundancy, fire control and fail-safe designs. ROHM shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for your use of any Product outside of the prescribed scope or not in accordance with the instruction manual.

The Products are not designed or manufactured to be used with any equipment, device or system which requires an extremely high level of reliability the failure or malfunction of which may result in a direct threat to human life or create a risk of human injury such as a medical instrument, transportation equipment, aerospace machinery, nuclear-reactor controller, fuel-controller or other safety device.

ROHM shall bear no responsibility in any way for use of any of the Products for the above special purposes. If a Product is intended to be used for any such special purpose, please contact a ROHM sales representative before purchasing.

If you intend to export or ship overseas any Product or technology specified herein that may be controlled under the Foreign Exchange and the Foreign Trade Law, you will be required to obtain a license or permit under the Law. Thank you for your accessing to ROHM product informations. More detail product informations and catalogs are available, please contact us.


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