I did track down a way to buy them from the rep. Will do — I should know something this week. Ronan Pro by Pygmy Boats. No part astrsl this site may be duplicated in any way without explicit permission from Verein Playak. Discover Cool New Gear. In thepulling on the side straps tightens up the whole system, including shoulder straps.

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Second, it leaves you nowhere to go. You need to save your 5 stars, two thumbs up, Something you can say with confidence and authority is the best product available, without any reservation or qualifications.

But the engineering and ergonomics are so simple yet beyond what any other company is offering right now that it truly stands out. I have no doubt in my mind that within two seasons, every serious PFD company in the kayak industry will be making a product at least partially inspired by the design ideas of Astral.

Some have started already. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that PFD design has been stagnate for a long time. Philip Curry the CEO of Astral was actually the originator of the first major PFD progression with Lotus Designs - a company started in a barn in North Carolina that became the leading market share holder within a few short years credit goes to Stohlquist for the second notable advancement with the Grip-loc and Brik.

When Curry sold Lotus Designs to Patagonia, he signed a non-compete contract. The duration of that contract recently ended, and it would seem that he used that time to innovate and perfect the ideas behind Astral Buoyancy.

Two continuous straps run through the shoulders and into the back panel where they cross the back between the scapulae and go down to the side buckles. This accomplishes several things. First, it simplifies the design - two straps, and two buckles tighten the entire PFD through the shoulders and sides.

Second, it creates a harness that moves much more naturally with your torso. Third, in the case of the rescue vest, this webbing harness runs continuously throughout the vest and can hold lbs.

Finally, to bring the whole thing together as snugly as possible, the straps are run through a "z-drag" on the sides - the same mechanical advantage used to extract broached kayaks is used to secure the PFD to your body. Simple, strong, comfortable. What more could you ask for? Well, there is in fact more available. For the front pocket you can get a throw rope or a water bladder that can also be inflated with air to increase the floatation.

The back panel is actually two panels that separate along the bottom to reveal a hidden pocket which can hold yet another water bladder and run a drinking tube up over the shoulder and into the accessory pocket.

There are small pockets sewn into the shoulder straps as well which can hold a folding safety knife, a flat whistle or whatever you might need to have handy in an emergency situation.

One last, and admittedly minor nice feature is the front pocket. The pocket opens and closes through a Velcro closure on top. But unlike typical Velcro closures, this one folds under a flap of material making it virtually impossible to come open accidentally. Plus this is one of the few pockets that you can actually look down into while still wearing the vest.


Buoyancy Aquavest 300 PFD

Tern Wiegel on the water Offline Grom Boarder. The vest incorporates a belay loop made of spectra webbing. Hi all, i have read several back qauavest about the aquavest. Could be serious about the R if you are serious about selling it…What year is it — how many seasons? I like the fit and really appreciate the cow-tail holder, and the QR harness. I suppose the Green Jacket replaced it. The vest also claims to sport extra impact protection on the sides.


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Welcome Log Out Log In. This is done by turning it upside down and stepping into it. Aquavsst Users Ever Online: I have received far more impacts on my shoulders than under my arms. Discover Cool New Gear. Am I missing something?


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