With a reliable history of success that serves as a solid foundation for the innovations and advances to come, it is the number-one choice for operators worldwide. TEMS Investigation supports a large number of measurement devices from all major vendors across multiple technologies. Its presentation and reporting features can be applied to any event or radio parameter that is measured. The highly flexible and intuitive user interface keeps training costs at a minimum and allows users to take full advantage of the powerful features. Experienced TEMS Investigation users will instantly recognize the well- proven user interface and way of working.

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GRID TEMS Investigation accurately and reliably tests network quality and customer experience by performing VoLTE, throughput, and other service testing directly on the end terminal. Focusing on speed, simplicity, and reproducibility, it changes the way drive testing is currently done by using a streamlined interface purpose-built to allow anybody to accurately collect network QoE measurements, minimizing user interaction or training while simultaneously reducing process errors, complexity and time spent in the field.

It allows network optimization managers to remotely plan, coordinate and support drive test projects in real-time through a web-based Fleet Manager. All you need is a browser What is it? The DriveTester server can now be run on devices without the need for a keyboard or a mouse for control. Why do I need it?

To make drive testing easier and more time efficient, the User Interface features responsive design which adapts to the screen size in order to maximize usability and convenience. Remote and any-device access greatly limits time spent on setting up equipment and gives you freedom to wirelessly monitor test progress and measurements, along with the convenience of using any device to do so; from the classic laptop to tablet and Smartphones.

All you need is a browser. Over the air updates in DriveTester What is it? It is important to keep your software up to date to receive new functions and correct measurements. OTA simplifies the update process and saves time; you are prompted when updates are available and installation are only one click away. Enhanced System Overview What is it? This release adds more information on overall system health and performance, in addition to device and test progress information already available, and offers the possibility to restart or shutdown the DriveTester Server.

Being able to visually check the condition of the system helps avoid interruptions in measurements due to equipment failures.

The tool produces KPI reports for voice and data services. A fundamental feature of the KPI report is that it compares operators in terms of each computed metric.

The purpose of the KPI report is to provide direct feedback on test results and scores for the latest drive test, without having to post-process logfiles. The reports helps the organization to assess the validity of data before handing it over for more comprehensive post processing. Save time and money by detecting issues earlier, in turn reducing the number of drives.

This is an LTE Category 6 smartphone with high specs and a 5. TEMS Investigation offers a wide range of control functions on this phone.

The device is VoLTE-capable. New LTE Category 10 devices with support for faster data speeds through multiple downlinks and uplinks needs a network tuned with the latest technology. The information elements added to TEMS Investigation enables optimization and troubleshooting of Carrier Aggregation deployments for best possible customer experience. WhatsApp added to Social media testing What is it?

Testing beyond IR. Each IMS solution is commonly configured differently depending on the operator and network provider. Being able to configure the device IMS settings based on the target network being tested gives you more accurate measurements and reliable test scores. DriveTester A completely new user interface, DriveTester, is introduced to make drive testing easier and more interesting.

DriveTester gives you an overview of test progress and a map view which tells you where to go next. The interface is designed to make it possible for everyone to go drive testing. To make testing more efficient, the engineers can spend their time composing scripts, analyzing data and figuring out improvements to the network instead of driving around. In DriveTester you load a work order, fully specified with equipment requirements, scripts, mapset and a definition of done. While running the test, a logfile is created, and when finished, uploaded to an FTP server.

Work Orders can be fetched from a FleetManager server or from the local computer. Testing and logging can be paused and resumed if any interruptions occur. DriveTester is separated into two parts; Server and User Interface which can run on different devices, allowing you to access the UI in a browser on any device.


Ascom announces support for iPhone in its TEMS Investigation product

TEMS Investigation With this technology, mobile network operators will know that their TEMS Investigation iPhone-based testing units will support iOS7 as well as future updates. Drive testing enables mobile operators to validate their network service quality by equipping vehicles with computers, devices and modems that capture network performance data while driving specified coverage routes. We believe that this solution will provide great benefits for operators, and ultimately greater benefits for iPhone users, as networks are further optimized for broadband performance," said Rikard Lundqvist, General Manager Ascom Network Testing. The system produces actionable reports in a management dashboard that enable network managers to quickly assess a wide range of quality of service metrics. This document does not constitute an offer or solicitation to subscribe for, purchase or sell any securities.




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