It has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives. Read the Blog Transform Your Product Processes for the Future The companies that will lead and dominate over the next decade are the ones that will digitally connect their enterprise. Innovate with the Digital Thread How Aras is Different Our resilient platform for industrial applications is customizable and continuously upgradeable, allowing our customers to digitally transform and adapt to constant change. Open Open download and open system architecture. Community collaboration.

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Quotes From Members We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said: Pros It allows me to present or to demonstrate the business process flow, visually, without having to resort to PowerPoint, Visio, or other products. The speed and execution of DMN was a big selling point for us. The most valuable feature is the ability to share the logic within the rules engine with the business, so you can put it up for everybody to read.

The number of client implementations and cross-language capabilities to support multiple frameworks is very pluggable compared to Pega. We are documenting all of the processors and VPN. Then we are sharing it with our business users. The nice thing about it is the central database, where we can use all of our data. We can even manage users. The most valuable features are business process modeling and reporting. It has the ability to scale up, as well as integrate with other systems within the organization to get real-time information from dashboards and reports.

You can relate different aspects of an organization to each other, and you can clearly define the rates seen in the application. It has allowed us to model our enterprise process architecture. BPA, the modeling tool, is the main module used because of our need for documentation. For me, what I find to be the most valuable is its simplicity and the association with Microsoft Office.

It has a built-in capability to capture process owners and managers against processes along with other process governance roles. The business process discovery is excellent. The diagram or blueprinting functionality of the solution are very good.

You can link the sub-processes and get a big overview of the whole process then. The solution is stable. All the refreshes run very well. It has the ability to document in different formats. It is not tied to a specific model. You can look at it from different angles and see the intuitive nature of it. It always generates a valid diagram. You cannot create something that is not BPMN compliant. It enables decisions based upon processes that we do model, and ultimately move forward with. You can use if from your mobile device or you can be on the desktop.

You are always connected. That is what we are currently creating, a domain-relevant process map. Especially when you use the open-source version, there are issues with performance.

I would also like a very easy to use form builder. I would like to have a feature for audit logging, audit logs and audit log management. And some history of use for the audit logs.

I would like to see the forms engine available in the open-source version of this solution. The user interface needs improvement. It should be more tailored to the end-user and offer a better user experience design over the user interface itself. I would say that Camunda should actually focus on small cases as well. If they can, they should cater to them. When it comes to Alfresco, there are thousands of resources that can help you to utilize within AWS and its Group Services. With version ten, we needed our developers to do scripting.

I would like to see the reporting aspects improved. Making it more customizable and easy to learn would be a benefit. One of the biggest challenges is to realistically enable the defined structures of the processes that you have in ARIS documented, and then actually implement them in the business. Areas for improvement include sales, prospecting, shopping, customer service, after-sales claims and advice for the client , and all processes pertaining to customer loyalty.

As soon as a process is rolled out, process training is required. It is BPMN-compliant but the tool needs to be more involved to get into a completely 2.

The user interface is quite easy at first but process analysts soon run into roadblocks of limited functionality, which is disappointing. This makes it necessary for people to have access to the tool.

We view licenses to see how the printing or output is. This can be improved. We would like the ability to add additional custom colors. We would like to color additional items to add notes to the blueprint.

The ability to create a very structured rule. With the capability that we have right now, Blueworks Live is more process focused. We should be able to enhance it to include a lot more of decisions as well.


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Screenshot Dictionary Organizer Deluxe is a database management software that allows you to create your own dictionary, terminology or glossary books. Our software solution enables you to build and manage business glossaries, science terminology books, or personal dictionaries. For the database novice, Both programs will help you keep track of all car records services, maintenance, repairs, insurance and license fees, fuel and oil costs, leasing costs, mileage, and more Download If you make client estimates, estimate current or future sales, estimate amounts of items or go through complex "what if?

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