Dispatched from the UK within 3 - 5 days The top card men in the world disagree on many things. One thing they all agree on is that no other book in the history of card manipulation deserves careful study more than The Expert at the Card Table. After one hundred years, it is still considered the foundation upon which modern card magic is based. It contains some of the most perfectly constructed sleights in all of card magic. Even more important are the profound lessons in the real secrets of magic: naturalness, attention to detail, uniformity of action and the psychology of deception.

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Annotations, whether they be from Vernon or Ortiz are objective and are founded in that original text. I still carry a copy with me everywhere and have done so since I was in my teens. Every time I re-read it I discover new insight.

There are are no short cuts on this trip. Revelations and The Annotated Erdnase are excellent references which share the findings of other travellers.

The truth, however, is that do not need to agree with everything that is said. If you are a genuine student of the original text who has worked with it enough to form your own opinions, these books are for you.

The danger is that you may pay more attention to the annotations than you do to the text itself. While these may be a matter of preference on the part of the contributors, it does not mean that the student should learn these variations BEFORE the technique on which they claim to be founded.

One of my favourite works of art is the Mona Lisa. I adore it for many reasons. I have several books that analyse the painting artistically and historically. I find these books to be fascinating. The truth, however, is that I would much rather admire the painting itself than listen to someone else describe it to me.

The truth is that I do not carry either of these books with me when I travel. Regarding the comments made by Aaron Fisher: Aaron simply and eloquently advised that the student should STUDY Erdnase before reading any annotated versions of the book.

As you see from the above, I concur. Hopefully not Mark Ennis.


The Annotated Erdnase

And, whether your interest is in the man who wrote the book or in trying to understand his original text, this is a book that will satisfy you. After a lifetime of study, no one is more qualified to elucidate this classic book than Darwin Ortiz. He has spent the past ten years researching and writing annotations, more than doubling the size of the original book. He sheds new light on the history of various moves and effects, provides. The original text has been completely reset in a larger, more readable type. All of the original illustrations have been enlarged and positioned more logically in the text. If you are more interested in Erdnase the man, turn to the final chapter inThe Annotated Erdnaseand read a previously unpublished essay on the true identity of SW Erdnase by none other than Martin Gardner.

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