Nelrajas The Anaga Ranga: Chapter VII: Of Different Signs In Men And Women Firstly, adultery shortens or lessens the period of amga secondly, the body becomes spiritless and vigourless; thirdly, the world derides and reproaches the lover; fourthly, he despises himself; fifthly, his samudriak greatly decreases; sixthly, he suffers much in this world; and seventhly, he will suffer more in the world to come. Eye brow Short and evenly shaped eyebrows indicate honesty and high moral character throughout samudrikaa. Spread out, flat, long or uneven are unlucky. When choosing a son-in-law, the following characteristics should be aimed at: FEET A girl whose feet are soft, smooth, well developed, warm, shining pink in colour, without much perspiration, will be enjoying full happiness befitting her sex.

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Views : October Is there a single horizontal line between your eyes? It shows you have the weight and responsibility of the world on your shoulders. Do your ears stick out? This shows you are a nonconformist and an independent thinker. You are a scholar and a quick thinker but you are also stubborn. Are your earlobes attached to the side of your head? People often perceive you as superficial. Do your eyebrows meet in the middle? Stop worrying so much.

Your mind is always on the go and you find it hard to relax. Are your eyes deep-set? You are cautious and reserved. Although you are deeply romantic, you never let yourself become unrealistic in love.

You usually become successful from your late thirties onwards. Do you have two big front teeth? This reveals that you are impatient, stubborn as a mule and need to be constantly reassured. Face analysis offers much information about the nature and character of a person.

A professional can analyze some of the characteristics such as intelligence, reliability and honesty. Samudrika Shastra deals with the various marks on the body which are said to indicate the type of person, his character, life and experiences.

Elevation, depression, elongation, diminution, and other marks become relevant. Mind is the subtle body and body is gross mind. As are the thoughts, so is the body. So a continuous pattern of thinking will bring changes in the body accordingly. Face analysis is an age-old technique of interpreting the outward appearance of an individual to reveal his character and temperament. It has been mentioned extensively in the literatures of medieval times and also in classical works of Homer and Hippocrates.

Physiognomy or face reading is a branch of ancient practical philosophy. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, used to examine the personality of a person by reading different features of the face as well as the skin color, body, hair, voice, gait and limbs.

The inquisitive human mind has always been fascinated to know more about the minds of his fellow men. The ancient Chinese art of face reading believed in the ideology that the human face was a reflection of the inner spirit and the people of Medieval Europe thought the face was synonymous with virtue. There are over points on the face that you can analyze to find more about a person. Face analysis is subjective in nature. Its subjective nature makes it an art. Your face shape can give you a broad idea of your personality.

Your features might serve as a rough sketch of your persona. Though your face is not a direct derivative of who you are, it is definitely an interface to the self within you!

Here are a few face reading tips that you may find useful when trying to learn more about a person and some information on what your features have to say. Facial Shape : Face shape and personality are believed to have a direct association. Different features of the face, their shapes and sizes.

A long and thin face indicates endurance. A broad face is suggestive of a broad mind and a broad perspective towards life. People with a broad face are seen to be sensitive in nature. A round face is significant of a jovial person who knows how to lighten up other faces. Forehead - Shape : Forehead of a person depicts the thinking style.

They cannot think of a third point, until they understand the second point. They are mostly misunderstood in childhood as dumb kids though, they turn out to be intelligent. It is the progressive style that slows down their thinking and they do not have a fast reflex response. They have difficulty when working under pressure and need time to think progressively. Thus many times they tend to loose their control in situations like the last few minutes before their exam ends or in case of deadlines.

They are easily bored with people with straight forehead as they cannot slow down to match their speed. You can find basketball players and football players with slopped foreheads as they are quick and fast.

They are also quick decision makers and thus tend to get caught in wrong decisions. They love to use their imagination and hate to do maths and accounts. They are very good with arts and areas related to creativity and imagination. The curve of their head tends to occupy a large section of their brain, thus they are very intelligent and you may find many geniuses among them.

Eyes : The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul and you can learn a lot with the help of the eyes. If someone has prominent eyes, they are bright and happy and you may conclude that the person is a kind hearted, friendly and approachable individual. Small, shifty eyes indicate a nervous temperament. Small eyes, may also indicate a perfectionist and attentive person. Eyes that are close set tend to show good concentration power. Uneven set eyes show the person looks at things from different perspectives.

Wide set eyes indicate a broad minded and tolerant person they have little regard for figures of authority. Narrow set eyes indicate a narrow minded person. The upward slanting eyes show an opportunistic person and someone who gets what he wants. People with deep set eyes are intense, progressive and observant.

They are usually into creative and writing fields. You can even learn more about a person by the way he or she looks, whether a warm hearted person or cold and cruel nature or an amorous lover. Eyebrows - The eyebrows of a person reveal his temperament and reputation. An ideal brow is highly arched. This pattern of eyebrow is seen on the faces of actors and actresses.

If you come across an individual with developed brow line, you would know he is observant and dexterous. Sensitive and aesthetic temperaments are associated with a straight brow. A thin set of eyebrows reveal the cautious nature of an individual while making major decisions. If a person has weak or thin eye brows, he tends to be indecisive and may lack in self confidence.

Bushy eyebrows indicate assertiveness and strong personality. Unibrow shows an intense persistance and these people tend to be jealous and possessive in nature. They are introverts and tend to think a lot. Philtrum - One of the facial features to be noticed is the groove on the upper lip known as the Philtrum.

If an individual has an unpronounced philtrum it reveals his low energy level. While, a deep and clearly marked groove means strong and healthy energy levels. Lips - The lips are associated with communication, ability to nurture and sensual appetites. Full and round lips would convey caring nature of an individual. A thin lower lip indicates giving nature while a thin top lip and full bottom lips indicate people who cannot reciprocate in a relationship. Full top lip and thin lower lip shows an over giving person.

Small lips mean a self centered personality. Lips that are curved upward indicate an optimistic person and downward curve shows a hard to please person. An ideal nose has a high and straight nose bridge and a fleshy nose tip. The fleshy tip is a symbol of warmth, cordiality and a deep sense of empathy. They set high standards set for themselves and are basically good mannered souls. People with big or over sized nose tips indicate violent streaks and a larger nose tips shows more proneness to violent acts.

An aquiline nose shows a strong willed, independent and enterprising individual. An upturned nose indicates someone who loves to mix with people around him. Mouth : Small shaped mouth shows a tendency of being feminine and men with small mouth tend to be shy and not very manly in their ways. Large mouth shows a talkative person and the width indicates the generosity of character.

Jaw line : A strong jaw line is indicative of a very strong value system in a person. They are quick to judge and have high stamina as well as endurance power. These people tend to be stubborn. Weak jaw line indicates weak personality and a weak willed person. They are easily influenced by others and tend to live life according to terms set by others.

People with a wider jaw line than the ear line indicate a highly competitive person.


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Tegul Cheeks A woman with raised, fleshy, round and naturally pink cheeks is lively in nature and kind to others. Men with long feet and delicate hands are fated to live in happiness. Now, instead of phrenology, it is the width of our face that reveals us. The woman whose Tarjani or second toe is the longest of all the toes, will be unchaste even before marriage. On the other hand, the following women are hard to be subdued: White tongue indicates death in water.



Views : October Is there a single horizontal line between your eyes? It shows you have the weight and responsibility of the world on your shoulders. Do your ears stick out? This shows you are a nonconformist and an independent thinker. You are a scholar and a quick thinker but you are also stubborn. Are your earlobes attached to the side of your head?


Samudrika Shastra

Kegul He must come from a large family, which has never known sin and poverty. Thumbs If thumbs take the shape of a lotus bud, she is fit to be married by a King. The following are the times when women are not to be enjoyed: They have arrived only at one type of WHR of a broad face with height less than the width of the face. Sixth, the wife of an imbecile or an impotent person. Months later, Twain visited the same phrenologist, this time identifying himself.


Fenrile Fourthly, when she leers, looks obliquely, angaa casts side glances. Lips Upper Red, slightly raised in the middle, smooth without hair, is very auspicious. As a rule, indeed, the seduction is all on the other side. Hips Raised fleshy hips like water melon and well spread indicate full happiness.

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