AMC Cookware specialises in quality cookware, cutlery and kitchen appliances and brings you an efficient way to cook your meals. See the AMC Cookware catalogue for specials. AMC also has a large selection of electrical kitchen appliances, Speedcookers, systems and combinations as well as serveware, and other kitchenware. You can find the AMC Cookware headoffice contact details on their website and to save on your next purchase, simply have a look at the most recent AMC Cookware catalogue for money saving deals. Derek then bought an AMC cookware set, shipped it to South Africa, did a demonstration about the range to present to his family and that proved successful. Today the range is manufactured in Atlantis West Coast South Africa and is driven by a dynamic sales team, with sales strategy and pointers inspired by the first impression of the cookware range that Derek experienced back in Switzerland.

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You are welcome to compare our product, but please take my contact details when you have made a decision. How do I clean my cookware to keep it looking shiny and new?

Using hot soapy water with a soft sponge will generally keep your cookware looking good. Always use a soft sponge and never a scourer or material that can scratch the cookware. Also ensure that you keep the bottom of the cookware clean.

Rainbow coloured stains can occur when cooking starchy foods, and can easily be removed by wiping the stains with lemon juice or white vinegar. Straw coloured stains may occur if the unit has been overheated. If your units have been excessively overheated and have darker straw-coloured stains, these can be removed by sending the units to our factory for repolishing at a nominal charge. More information can be found in the Use and Care booklet.

Can I put AMC in the dishwasher? Yes, AMC is safe to use on gas, but remember to still work on medium to low temperatures. The Gourmet range of AMC has stainless steel handles. These can be used in the oven, provided that the lid has been removed. Q11 My child is allergic to aluminium - can we still use AMC? Yes — AMC cookware is manufactured from the highest grade surgical stainless steel. Although the base contains aluminium, it is completely encapsulated by the stainless steel.

Through our unique design it is not possible for the aluminium in the base to come into contact with food cooked in the unit, and neither can the aluminium affect the stainless steel or penetrate its surrounding layer. Therefore I can safely say that AMC is the right choice of cookware for someone allergic to aluminium.

Yes absolutely. If you purchased after April , you own the New Generation range of cookware. Common objections by customers: Why is AMC so expensive? It is engineered to cook food using the healthiest method known, retaining more goodness and flavour in your meals. I would appreciate the opportunity to show you the quality of AMC in your home.

You have absolutely no obligation to buy. What time would suit you best? Response Option 2: Let me ask you, why is a Mercedes so much more expensive than a Toyota? AMC is the same as other stainless steel cookware.


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