Actually the entire work has been done by Mr. Orion Tschudi, who organized the translation. I would like to thank Mr. Tschudi here in the name of all English speaking Friends of Franz Bardon for this extensive and excellent work.

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Actually the entire work has been done by Mr. Orion Tschudi, who organized the translation. I would like to thank Mr. Tschudi here in the name of all English speaking Friends of Franz Bardon for this extensive and excellent work. My special thanks goes to the professional translator Jocelyne Demers contact: - Toronto, Canada; email swan14 globalserve. Paul Allen, March The Translator thus referred to is that who translated the text into French, providing me with my original, French language material.

In this document, the footnotes, translated into English from the actual of the French language edition, are preceded by the word "Page" followed by the number of the page on which they do appear in the French language, that followed by such words or phrases as relevant, immediately preceding the call for a given footnote, thusly: the French word or phrase, then its English rendition, then the call for the footnote.

Then, in the next paragraph, the footnote itself. If there are several calls for footnotes on a given page, such calls, including the relevant excerpts from the body of the text and their English translations, are gathered in one paragraph, followed by the notes, one paragraph for each of the latter.

So, 1 write then, "Page 24, "un Mage", "a Magus" 1. Following such a statement there appears, in a distinct paragraph and the order called, any footnote for that page. Footnotes are numbered consecutively throughout the book, from 1 to The title of Magus and the word "Magic" must therefore be understood and used in their genuine sense, and this is why, at this stage of understanding, of consciousness and of action, the "white" and the "black" do not exist, sole is the Divine Plan that carries Itself out.

When that Force is used to destroy Life and Consciousness, it becomes, by the deed of the men who lead it astray from its primordial course, "evil". But the Universal Laws have not at all programmed "evil" such as we mean it. Now, for the Magus as for the contemporary scientist , those are indeed the two forces that one is to use for the Good, according to the Divine Plan, and not to do "evil" by working in an erroneous fashion with them.

Empathy is that phenomenon which consists in projecting oneself into another being animal or human and in being genuinely able to feel or experience all which that being feels or experiences.

This genuine Self is the Spirit. Thus by a mental work of an abstract type, one does activate the higher mental and, as the result of this, the Spirit can emanate over the denser planes. Indeed, mathematically, a Circle is also a Pentagram, the one reflecting the other, according to whether one considers, the Absolute the Circle or the Created the Pentagram ; for a Circle comprises 5 times 72 degrees, the 5 points of this division uniting to form a Pentagram.

For those who use Oriental references, what is involved is Atma linked to Buddhi and to the Higher Manas. Moreover, the initial charge is quasi -contaminated by another vibration, not belonging in quality and in quantity with the first, which perverts the instrument entirely; it empties it through "vampirism", or it pollutes it. This practice is reserved to some High Adepts and it must therefore not be confused with sorcery doings which indeed are a "collaboration" with those destructive powers.

It is brought into play in a milder way in the event of Exorcism. Parchments used to be scraped so that one could write on them anew, then scraped again, etc After such a treatment, they were, called "palimpsests", a word whose Greek etymology reveals to us that they were "scraped several times". But the astral plane is of a vaster extent and each Planetary Sphere has a part of itself linked to it; moreover; one generally says A Sphere "surrounding" the Earth. Actually, that Sphere inter-penetrates the Earth even though a certain effulgence into space allows justifying that word.

So many very "densifying" energies which physical nature sends over those in imprisons. In the latter case, the vital energy feeding the corpse has another origin: it is provided by those who come venerate the Saint; without realizing it, those who attend there give their energy themselves, sometimes, account being taken of the extreme purity of the etheric body of the deceased Saint, the latter decides, in agreement with the Divine Will, to let his etheric body feed his physical body, the whole becoming an energetic "battery" - charged by the Saint from the higher planes or by "Devas" Angels apt to inundate mankind with a Higher Force, of Recovery, of Blessing, etc That is the genuine Malkhut, for, verily, the density into which we are immersed is situated lower vibratorily than "the density programmed by God" the genuine Malkhut; that is one of the mysteries of the Fall It is "the Inner Master" or "the Guardian Angel".

Example of Franz Bardon Himself Who knew very well that the Nazis were to torture him but submitted to the Divine Will ruling the Karma of the physical body which He had assumed. The fact that an "image" arise forthwith is explained by the action of Fire, which rises, mentalizes itself instantaneously attracted actually by the mental Fire and is manifested as image; visualization, the creation, the picking up of images, speech, etc On account of that quasi-ignorance, they can unsuspectingly get in touch with decedents Failing this, if that Principle is in the state of "latency", no awareness of doing "evil" shall intervene.

This explains that some serious criminals were able to sleep quietly without even understanding what Society was reproaching them with. Spiritus familiaris: familiar, or domestic spirit; factotum, for doing everything". Most were used as a release for a horrible sadism made up with religious justificatives! Among others, heresy! Among all those men and above all, those women, who had to undergo that punishment, how many were Initiates, who, while wishing to reveal certain universal realities Galileo had a lucky escape, but Giordano Bruno and so many others left their ashes there crossed, through that affliction, an important spiritual stage!

The only thing which a Magus can do, in all legitimacy, is a "commitment" - a formula that entails neither a dependency, nor any penalty clauses, nor a an underlying vampirism; that, act can be written or oral, and is addressed to other four-pole, Divine, Beings. The latter are actually Adepts, who guide the Pupil-Magus.

This commitment can be made consciously by each human being. Bardon: Under the planetary sphere, the figure to cut out is: - for Saturn, a triangle - for Jupiter, a square - for Mars, a pentagon - for the Sun, an Hexagon - for Venus, an heptagon - for Mercury, an octagon - for the Moon, a nonagon. It is named thus on account of the necessity of "projecting it" within the melting metal, in that case, it is coated with wax in order to avoid its scattering on the surface under the effect of heat.

Orderings of particles are born of those interactions and produce molecules, which constitute, on that dense plane, the manifestation, of "chemical a nature", of the Initial radiation or Universal Prana. The corresponding musical note is the F. The Atlantean Civilization went down following the worst magic which it could be possible to practice on this Earth and all that was liable, in the technics, the sciences, medicine, etc Moreover, personality and individuality should not be confused. The former is the whole of the bodies woven in the lower planes: concrete, astral and etherico-physical mental; that personality, in time, is dissolved.

There is therefore no "final annihilation" as lets it be supposed an erroneous construction of the Texts but a merging into Consciousness. Barden omits voluntarily the Spheres extending outside our solar system and of which the innumerable Galaxies and Constellations prove the existence.

See page [of the French edition] - Chapter 6 - 1 st section of that 1Ind Part where the Adept alludes to those extra-systemic Spheres besides. Now Metatron has the power of crossing that Chasm; this is why it is also called "the Mediator" to which refer the other great Beings ruling Tiphereth, under a particular cycle: Raphael and Mikhael.

The Magus knows that Time and Space prevail only where exist physical bodies and material objects, whether those creatures be dead or living mattering little. The Initiate shortens, it is true, the time. That is why one must not believe that Perfect Adeptship is acquired within a lifetime, unless one is, as Milarepa was, already on "the brink of the Chasm of Ligh".

The state here described is that which the Orient names a "Nirmanakaya", of a Perfect Adept who keeps however the dense vehicles no astral body which he destroyed forever - to help Mankind and approach it at will.

A Day of Brahma has a duration of 4 milliard million [stated in English; it becomes, in American: 4 billion million] human years; it is also called a "Manvantara". That is the actual "catatrophe", Page , "1e lien mental", "the mental link" One must be sure and certain that it is the selected Intelligence that is reached Indeed, F. Barden does not reveal any "Magic of Ankhour" enabling a practitioner to plug himself into Divine Forces; The Latter, called earlier, shall not cause the Evocation Ritual to succeed is one is not "ready", that is to say purified: Nothing shall happen then and a good thing it is.

The centuries to come shall therefore see that diffusion and the mentalities, today still closed to that Science, shall understand the value of all that was lost by Mankind and which is on the way of being recovered.


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