Its familiar ovoid shape was a common sight in recording studios and on the live stage. A quick comparison of the specs of the original and the MKII suggest that the only real difference is the stand mount. This is quite a significant improvement because the biggest problem with the original D was the stand mount. Basically, the shaft of the microphone was only slightly wider than the male XLR connector it housed, which made it much narrower than most common microphones. This meant you had to use the narrow AKG microphone clip that came with it to mount it correctly. This resulted in the original D often being tricky to mount precisely.

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Dalkree Built to handle SPL of up to dB without a problem, even low bass sounds are clean and powerful. Not really any features, it does what it does and does it well, very punchy thick and fat kick sound especially for hard rock or metal, the perfect sound with very little post work needed if 1d12 all! The pop recording industry often prefers selected models. Your d opinion of this product. Free Expedited Shipping cxwzdqfrtbzxwtuewbxquryyebrq.

A built-in windscreen makes the D also suitable for high SPL instruments such as the trombone and tuba. If a product is listed at an specd price due to such errors or because of inaccurate information received from a supplier, American Musical Supply shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed, whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged.

I just got with this cus its tried and true. The reason is that the. It has attitude that prints well to a hard drive and it lets the bass drum cut through a wall-of-guitar sound so it can be heard in the mix. Join the AMS family and get your free catalog now!

Cardioid-pattern microphone Built-in swivel mount Response tailored for bass guitar and bass drum pickup, both in the studio and on-stage Response maintained down to 20 Hz Built-in windscreen.

Its a mic it doesnt feature much more than tone. Sound is a subjective thing and everyone has some kind of opinion, but for my money and trouble I always reach for the AKG D first. This item is no longer available. International orders are processed the next shipping day. I mainly use it for Kick drum To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Please check your local sales tax laws. If you mic drums in any capacity, this is the mic you need. Id pay more if I had to. If you like ROCK then sprcs really like this microphone. This low impedance mic comes with a stand adapter. Well built, I have 2 at my club and own a third for my studio. I have used this mic for years. Specifications Description The pop recording industry often prefers selected models of dynamic microphones for the pickup of closely spaced bass drums and bass guitar amplifiers.

Page d 2 Go. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Plus, mid and high frequency tailoring secs the instrument clearly distinguishable in the mix. And my second choice for recording the bass drum? As long as you know how to EQ a kick drum or floor tom, you should be good. The microphone has been designed with d12 low.

AKG D Professional Large Diaphragm Dynamic Bass Microphone It has a large dynamic range with a high signal-to-noise ratio and the capacity to input high sound levels without distorting. Ive used it to mic bass cabs before, as well and wpecs darn good. SA 40 Stand adapter.

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AKG D112 MKII - microphone Specs & Prices

I just got with this cus its tried and true. This low impedance mic comes with a stand adapter. Page of 2 Go. Only recently have I strayed away from my D to use my D Rated 3 out of 5 by Frank from Sometimes you just need one IMO the worst kick mic ever created but useful for other high-impact things where you want to capture deeper bottom than other dynamics, like floor tom. As long as you know how to EQ a kick drum or floor tom, you should be good. It sounded like a 57 with balls. Must have for drum recording!


AKG D112 Specifications

Which can handle extremely high sound levels. Perfect for recording vocals and instruments. Dynamic mics are almost unaffected by extreme changes of temperature and even humidity. This microphone is also a Cardioid mic. Meaning they have the most sensitivity at the front and the least at the back. These types of microphones are really great for loud stages.

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