I airrtronics found that trainer buttons are very uncomfortable and quickly make my fingers, or thumb, cramp up while using them. Currently Airtronics only has one receiver available for the RDSwhich is the receiver. I have always liked the reliability of Airtronics radios, and I feel that the servos from Airtronics are some of the best out there these days. I looked at replacing just the module in my Futaba 9C with an 8-channel Futaba 2. As you can see in my photo I packed the receiver in foam just forward of the servos in my Kaos.

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Page Using The Rd Sport Microprocessor Airtronics has invested a large amount of design effort to ensure that the powerful capabilities of the RD Sport are as simple as possible to use.

This manual has been written to offer the user complete instructions for either fixed wing aircraft or helicopter models. The manual is divided into three sections. STW Stopwatch Reverses the servo operating direction.

REV Reverse Adjusts servo throw. Available on Elev and Ail. REV Reverse Reverses the servo operating direction. This allows you to hook up your control linkages and pushrods in the most mechanically desirable manner without regard to the direction of servo movement. After hooking up your controls and mechanically centering all linkages to the approximate positions, press the FUNCTION down key to arrive at the following screen for the Elevator control.

However, be certain that is what you want to do, since this function will reset all settings to the factory default settings. To use or modify one of the model setups you first must select M-SL in the etc menu. This time will give an excellent indication of how many hours of actual use you RD transmitter has accrued. This screen tells you the present Exponential status of the elevator channel and when a Dual Rate Exponential switch is set to ON position, the Exponential setting for that control function.


Airtronics RD8000 Manual.pdf



AIRTRONICS RDS8000 FHSS Quick Start Manual


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