In order to checkout reprised version of the prices on Airtel DTH check out the article below. The service was famous for two things. One for exquisite prices and secondly, for the great connectivity. Then came the Airtel DTH service that made its own reputation in the market. Although, when it came to the A-La-Carte options in which you can make your own pack by selecting channels, Airtel just like any other DTH service was very expensive with some subscription of single-channel going up to Rs.

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Whatever your economic brackets you are situated in. With the extensive collections of new movies, serials, and shows, not to mention the previous ones that are being re-run, online digital streaming platforms have carved a comfortable niche for themselves.

You know, where they have the power of decision. Look no further for the Airtel digital tv channel with price list is here. Airtel had once been an extraordinary player in the telecommunication industry.

Their services were famous for their reasonable prices and splendid connectivity. And while their stakes in the mobile industry have been dwindling, the Airtel DTH service has already made its own reputation in the market. Airtel DTH stands proudly amongst other stalwarts in the market like Tata Sky and Dish TV for a really long time and provides quality service at nominal prices. And with the recently implemented TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India , in , the reprised rates on the Airtel digital tv channel and their price list have become even sweeter for the customers.

Airtel digital tv channel with price list Airtel Digital TV comes with a wide range of exciting and affordable range of channel packs for folks of all age groups. It serves people of all age groups, all tastes, languages and most importantly of all economic backgrounds.

The channel costs start from Rs. Unlike other DTH services it offers people a more branched service and with numerous plans from the broadcaster under different names and categories. Terms and conditions : The terms and conditions for Airtel digital tv channel with price list can be interpreted very easily and results in the best viewing experience. The base package includes a minimum of channels which costs Rs.

From this list of channels, a customer can remove any channel and can add any other paid or free to air channel in its place. If you want to add other channels then it goes like this that for every 25 channels you need to pay Rs. Before we dig into further details about the Airtel digital TV channel with the price list, we need to have a little more information about the classification in the DTH plans.

This channel catalog is a base pack that the Airtel Digital tv provides its customers with and with the help of this, if you are still unsure about going into a final commitment with Airtel DTH, you can try this for just 28 days and then make your decision. A-List of 14 popular channels have been provided on the list.

And lastly, as mentioned the validity for this plan will be 28 days. So, now its time to know about the channels with their prices in each of the above mentioned groups. But as mentioned above Airtel digital TV provides us more freedom to select your desired channel plans. The prices start from Rs.

These bundles of channels are available at a very affordable rate as given below.


Airtel DTH Plans 2020, Airtel DTH Recharge Packs with Price





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