The output current and voltage for each output can be watched on the front panel display. Error messages related to the outputs are also shown on the front panel display. The front panel keypad permits the user to choose and readback the voltage limit, current limit, and overvoltage trip level of each output. While utilizing the keypad, the user can activate or deactivate outputs, mask and delay bits in the fault register, activate the overcurrent safety feature, adjust overvoltage and overcurrent safety features, and go back to the local functioning style.

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At the moment, I only need 2 channels and 1 is a backup. Repairing the 4 channel is a skill-builder challenge and a nice bonus if I can sort it out. So far, I have done the visual inspection and started troubleshooting from the output stage backwards - thinking that maybe someone back-fed it.

The first real slow down has been the service manual I have found appears to be for a newer model. While it is close - there are enough differences that it is making a challenge to figure out what is what schematically. This makes comparison troubleshooting rather straight forward and I have found some disparities between the working and non-working sections.

Without the right schematic, it is hard to get down to a specific component though. There are a few custom parts and the output transistor stage is in a module that may not be economically viable to repair. The goal is to isolate the easy parts like voltage references, OP amps, discreet transistors, etc that may be damaged. Does anyone know a source for older service manuals that may cover the serial number range that I have in front of me?


Agilent 6624A AC/DC Power Supply



Agilent Technologies 6624A Manuals


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