Any attempt to install this product by any person other than a trained professional If the vehicle starts when performing the Neutral Safety Shutdown Circuit test, the remote start unit has not been properly installed. The remote start module must be removed or properly reinstalled so that the vehicle does not start in gear. When the vehicle is delivered, please show the user where this switch is located and how to disarm the system with it.

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Page 5 disarming diagnostics Your product warranty will not be validated if your warranty registration is not returned. Make sure you receive the warranty registration from your dealer. It is also necessary to keep your proof of purchase, which reflects that the product was installed by an authorized dealer. Page 11 s s y y s s t t e e m m m m a a i i n n t t e e n n a a n n c c e e This system needs no specific maintenance beyond remote control battery replacement.

Page Standard Configuration t t r r a a n n s s m m i i t t t t e e r r f f u u n n c c t t i i o o n n s s The receiver uses a computer-based Learn Routine to learn the transmitter buttons. Buttons The remote start timer mode function of the system is controlled by pressing these buttons simultaneously. Page Standard Icon Configurations Buttons An optional auxiliary convenience or expansion function that you have added to your system can be activated by pressing these buttons simultaneously.

Page 15 Icon The arm icon will flash while the system is arming. Icon The door icon will be displayed to indicate that a door is open when arming the system Bypass Notification or opened when the system is armed Tamper Alert.

Icon The warn icon will be displayed if the Warn Away been triggered while the system is armed. Page 16 note: If Page Mode has been turned off, the start icon will remain when performing key take over until a button on the transmitter has been pressed. Icon The trunk icon will be displayed to indicate that the trunk is open when arming the system Bypass Notification or opened when the system is armed Tamper Alert. Page System Signal Paging Features Number Icons When either of the channel 2, 4 or 5 outputs is activated the appropriate icon will be displayed for five seconds.

Page 18 Alarm Page If the alarm system is triggered while armed, an Alarm Page will be sent to the remote control. After receipt of an Alarm Page, the LCD icons will display the alarm system status information and the remote control will generate Alarm Page alerts. An Alarm Page alert is a single beep or vibration from the remote control every 60 seconds to alert the user that the alarm system was triggered and will continue until the alarm page is cleared.

Programming Mode has now been entered. Page Warning! When the Page Mode is on, the remote control will wake up periodically to check for messages from the security module. Page 21 partially enclosed area without ventilation such as a garage. When parking in an enclosed or partially enclosed area or when having the vehicle serviced, the remote start system must be disabled using the installed toggle switch.

If the vehicle starts when performing the Neutral Safety Shutdown Circuit test, the remote start unit has not been properly installed. When the system arms, you will hear a short siren sound, or chirp, and see the parking lights flash once. If the power door locks are controlled by the system, the doors will also lock. The sequence consists of the siren sounding continuously and the parking lights flashing for a pre-programmed period, which can range in duration from 1 to seconds. See Table of Zones section of this guide.

Pressing again within five seconds of arming the system will activate the Multi-Level Security feature. Simply press vehicle is running. The siren will chirp once to indicate that the security system is armed, and then once more to indicate that the ignition is on.

Page Disarming Without A Transmitter system will not disarm, but rather reset. This prevents you from disabling the system should you wish to disarm it without visu- ally checking the vehicle.

Pressing will disarm the system; pressing this button during the first six seconds of the triggered sequence will disarm the security system immediately. The Valet button can be programmed to respond to presses for the disarm function. You must check with the installer to verify the programming for your individual unit.

This is very useful when washing the vehicle or having it serviced. In Valet Mode, the security system will not arm, even with the remote transmitter, but all convenience functions door locks, trunk release, etc. Page 30 up the engine, as well as adjust the interior temperature of the vehicle with the climate control system. If interior heating or cooling is desired, the climate controls must be preset, and the fan blower must be set to the desired level prior to remote starting the vehicle.

Page Valet Take-over When you are ready to drive the vehicle: 1. Insert the ignition key and turn 2. Press the brake pedal. While the vehicle is running during remote start operation, the system will monitor the vehicle and will automatically shut down the engine if the system receives any of the following shut


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