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The remaining trademarks in this publication may be trademarks whose use by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of the owner. Page 3: Preface Additional support If you have any questions relating to the products described in these operating instructions, and do not find the answers in this document, please contact your local Siemens representative.

Page 4 Please contact your regional training center or the central training center in D - , Nuremberg, Germany. Page 8 Properties 1. Page 9 Properties 1. Page 10 Properties 1. Page Parameter Description Parameters 2. The smoothing can be adjusted in four steps, in which the smoothing factor k multiplied with cycle time of the electronic module equals the time constant of the smoothing filter.

The greater the smoothing, the greater the time constant of the filter. No load assignment. Check the load voltage. Evaluate the diagnostic message. Page Error Types Diagnostics 3. Inserted module does not Correct the parameter match the one configured. Page Analog Value Representation Analog value representation Introduction Electronic modules with analog outputs With the electronic module with analog inputs, continuously variable signals, such as those occurring in temperature measurement and resistance measurement, can be acquired, evaluated, and converted to digital values for further processing.

Page Measuring Ranges Analog value representation 4. Each analog value is entered left aligned in the ACCU. Page 17 Analog value representation 4.

In this chapter you will find out how to connect the measuring encoders and what to watch out for when doing so. Cables for analog signals You should use shielded and twisted-pair cables for the analog signals. Page 20 Connecting 5. Page 21 Connecting 5. You must connect M to the ground potential. Depending on local conditions or interference, potential differences U static or dynamic can occur between the locally distributed measuring points.


6ES7134-4MB02-0AB0 система распределенного ввода-вывода SIMATIC ET 200S



Siemens 6es7 134-4mb02-0ab0 Simatic S7 Analog Input Module



Siemens 6ES7 134-4GB11-0AB0 Analog Input Module


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